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Our Animals

With being a working farm, our animals are well looked after and love the attention of their visitors. We have to warn you that these experiences are difficult..why? Because you will not want to leave any of them and move to see the next animal. Which will be your favourite? Which will love you? Which will pose for the best selfie? Prepare for cuteness overload.


Alpacas are native of South America and have been in the UK for a good few years now with almost 50,000 resident.We breed them to sell to both pet owners and increasingly breeders looking to enhance the quality of their herd. Our animals have exceptional breeding lines meaning you will experience alpacas at their best. We birth our animals overthe summer so a visit then is likely to include a cuddle with a cria (baby). Shearing takes place in May and our animals change from huge fluff balls tocute manicured beauties. They are naturally inquisitive and enjoy being handfed.


Valais Blacknose Sheep

Our Valais Blacknose Sheep are simply the worlds cutest sheep and they live up to their billing. They hail from the Valais region of Switzerland and are still rare in the UK as export from their homeland to the UK has stopped. Unlike most sheep they love meeting people and like nothing more than a tickle under the chin. Most visitors start simply by loving their look but leave loving their personality and style. Prepare to full in love with these amazing animals, you have been warned!

Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys

It is worth immediately saying we don’t simply have small donkeys, we have pure bred Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys. Why does this matter? Because ours are not under size, unhealthy animals but thriving happy pure bred beauties. These donkeys are cuteness encapsulated and yet another animal you will not want to leave. They enjoy human company and enjoy our guests visits. They originate from Sardinia and Sicily and are another rarity in this country after become almost extinct at home.